Media Buying is a process used in paid marketing efforts. The goal is to identify and purchase advertisement space on traditional mediums, digital, and many more channels that are relevant to the target audience at the optimal time, for the least amount of money.

Helping To Choose Preferred Media Outlet in Your Price

CreativeKea’s media buying services make you smarter than your competition and help you choose the best media platform at your cost. CreativeKea is a highly service/oriented media buying company with a massive negotiating and buying, moves quickly and efficiently to meet deadlines to have outstanding media exposure within a client’s advertising budget.


Media Planning and Buying Services

Media Communication Strategy

Target Market Selection

Determination of Media Purposes

Media Timing

Media Buying

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Benefits Offered by CreativeKea in Media Buying

CreativeKea based on its expert media buying services can put your advertising campaign on right track by offering the right platform to increase the effectiveness of your campaign. Whether you are looking to advertise on digital or traditional platforms we help you to choose the best route to reach your performance goals. The unique characteristics of our media buying services include:-


Among many important factors in the planning and developing of a successful media strategy a professional media buying agency like us take into account your target audience, available ad space, desired reach and frequency and most importantly budget to make it the most impactful media buying campaign. An expert media buying agency evaluates a client’s all goals and determine which media outlets are best suited for generating qualified leads or raising awareness for a brand and its range of services.

Best Price

A reputed media buying agency brings high volume business for their clients. On a client’s behalf, they negotiate better rates and service terms. They help a client to have added value for their advertising campaigns as a bonus in addition to price setting. They help to create a communication bridge between a client and its vendor to know each other’s expectation in addition to competitive pricing. They help you get the best of every penny that you invest in advertising.


As a leading media buying agency, we just not help you to break the best price at the same time also evaluate the performance of your campaign as well as the placement on media. We offer a complete thorough audit of each media placement that is the most imperative part of the success of your media buying campaign. After the approval of the ad and its schedule we continuously monitored the campaign for accountability and a positive return on investment (ROI).

What do we offer as a Top-Notch Media Buying Agency?

Performance Display

Our digital media buying services strive to deliver relevance over volume to ensure that you are where you need to be. We leverage technology to act in real-time and apply fresh thinking for every single brand. Being an experienced online media buying company, we know what works best, so you can continually build on success and get closer to your target audience.


For us, a video is more than just views. Incremental reach can only be achieved through rigorous channel selection and by serving video ads at zero moments of truth. Being an experienced online media buying company, we assure you that the right mix of creative and contextual targeting can boost results for your brand.

Mobile Strategy

In the emerging world of mobile-first consumers, we offer nimble tech, extensive data touchpoints and a human touch to cater to the most receptive mobile audiences. We work closely with your marketing team to fine-tune mobile strategy, helping put content and context together.

Data Insights & Optimization

Our data analytics specialists help you gain critical insights to understand the consumer decision journey and achieve your business goals in the most effective way. Rigorous A/B testing and multivariate analysis leave nothing to chance.

Thus, this way CreativeKea offers your brand a unique brand communication proposition.

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